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Salvia Divinorum Extract

We offer standardized 5 x and 10 x extract. Standardized extract is the best quality available. But, it cost twice as much to make.


Most of all other shops sell the cheaper "crude" extract. Be sure to read the words below about the difference of crude and standardized extract.

We are upgrading our shop to serve you better!

To order Salvia Divinorum go to our favorite Online Shop and their Salvia Divinorum Page

Crude Extract is prepared by mixing crude extract with Salvia divinorum leaves. This concentrates tars and other harmful components of the leaf. For example 10 x is prepared by mixing one unit of leaf with the tar-like crude extract obtained from nine units of leaf. The resulting product is ten times as potent as the leaves used to produce it. This type of product can vary tremendously in potency because the potency of the leaves used to produce it varies. It has a somewhat sticky feel and inferior burning characteristics due to the impure quality of the extract.

Standardized Extract is prepared by extracting pure salvinorin A (the active principal of the plant), then adding a measured quantity back onto Salvia divinorum leaves to bring them up to a specific, reliable, and consistent level of potency. This type of product is time consuming to prepare, but is far superior to crude-extract enhanced leaf. Products that have been prepared in this manner have particularly good burning characteristics because they do not contain the tar-like, gummy impurities found in crude extracts. Since the impurities have been removed during the extraction process, they won't end up in your lungs.