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Leaves and Extract Combo

For a limited time get the best of both worlds: 1/2 oz of Oaxacan Prime Leaves & 1 gram (standardized) Salvia 5x Extract in a Combination Pack for a combination price.  We guarantee our prices are lower and service higher than any other Salvia leaves and extract dealer.


We are upgrading our shop to serve you better!

To order Salvia Divinorum go to our friends from Arena Salvia Divinorum Page

Many people are unsure which form of Salvia to buy, so we offer this combination package of Salvia leaves and extract at a reasonable price.  this way, you get the opportunity to try two of the top-selling kinds of Salvia divinorum, without denting your pocket too much.  We have found that once you decide on your favorite product, you tend to stick with it.

We can never decide which is our favorite here, and it often depends on mood and setting.  Salvia tea is often in order when you are using it medicinally, and extract is often more suited to smoking.  Salvia leaves and extracts have very different effects, and part of it has to do with the concentration and the ingestion methods.  So, this is where the Combination Pack comes in handy...try it in two of the most popular forms, and then decide which is your favorite later.