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Trip Reports

Some exceptional firsthand accounts of Salvia divinorum experiences

The Salvia divinorum Research and Information Center is created and maintained by Daniel Siebert

Salvinorin A: The Breakthrough. by Daniel Siebert
The Leaves of the Shepherdess. by Kathleen Harrison.
A Peaceful Flatness. by Fiona Webster
Salvia, AIDS, and the Healing Journey. by Durell T. Bosworth
Psychological Healing. by Rick
Thinking More Clearly Than I Ever Have Before. by Prettypoet Cindy
Home. by Phume
The Wonder that is Everywhere. by Sage Student
Pure Happiness. by Prettypoet Cindy
A New Awareness Through Salvia. by Greendrag
Montmartre Rolls Up. by Tian
Spinning to the Core of the Abyss. by JT
The Whole Ball of Wax. by Sage Student
New Existential Eyes. by Kevin
My Body was an Enormous Carnival. by Justin
Tibetan Sunset. by Crocodile
Tunnels. by Raven
Each Grain of Sand - a Star. by Charles
On the Amazon. by Chokwe
Three Rivers Run Through It. by Sage Student
Transported. by Shakti Marie
The Souls of the Navajo. by dana
The Other Side. by Anonymous
One Second at the Beach. by Tian
The Folded Continuum. by H.I.D.
Becoming Light. by Jason
Wanton Desire. by Will Penna
Holy Sombreros. by Sage Student
The Smell of Rain. by Spyre
The Reef. by Eruthus
Platforms. by Kyle
Which World? by Salviawuff
Journey #1: The Light-People and the Mother Goddess. By Loopy Snake.