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Wild Dagga

Leonotis leonurus (Lions’s Ear) is an attractive, robust shrub of two to five metres in height, with a thick, woody base and pale brown branches. The leaves are long, narrow, and distinctly hairy with serrate edges, opposite each other on the stems. Leonotis leonurus flowers profusely in autumn with its characteristic bright orange flowers

lions ear

Wild Dagga is widely used in traditional medicines and numerous uses have been recorded. Leonotis leonurus was used by the earliest inhabitants of South Africa as a dagga substitute. They smoked the leaves and used the powdered leaf to make small cakes, which were chewed or eaten. The smoke is acrid, but smoked through a water-pipe produces a mild, sedated type of intoxication.

Leaf infusions and decoctions are taken for a wide range of ailments. It is used as a remedy for snake bite, and also to treat other bites and stings. Externally, decoctions have been applied to treat boils, eczema, skin diseases, itching and muscular cramps. Internally, decoctions are used for coughs, colds and influenza and also for bronchitis, high blood pressure and headaches

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